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  • Christy V.

    Female - 18 years old "I was looking for a trainer that would help me to get stronger and be prepared to play D1 hockey in the future. With Garrett I was very fortunate because, he was a fantastic trainer. He knew so much and knew exactly how to teach the workouts. He could tell right away what I was doing wrong and taught me how to correct it. Not only did he help me with workouts he gave me nutrition advice catered to what I should eat before and after workouts, also how to cater my diet towards sports performance He would always make our workouts fun no matter how hard they would be. He also always made sure I was working as hard as possible and not slacking. Training with Garrett I saw great results. If I could have him train me year round, I would. If you are looking for a trainer that will push you to surpass your goals you are looking to achieve you should look to Garrett as a great go-to."
  • Patrick S.

    Male - 20 years old "Dylan and Garrett have been great trainers and friends since the day I met them. They have helped enhance my training which has elevated my performance. They introduced me to new information in strength training and mobility/injury prevention. They also put a big emphasis on nutrition during my training. This factor changed my body type completely. I was physically and mentally stronger. Everything they do on a daily basis positively engages the people around them. They have also helped me develop as a person by directing me to identify my goals and pushing me to reach them."
  • Alec S.

    Male - 23 years old "The experience I have had with Modern Mindful Warriors has been nothing but top notch. In the past, after trying other online training services, I began to notice the coaches slowly lose the weekly/daily contact that was promised at the beginning of the program. Not the case with Modern Mindful Warriors, I get all my questions answered in a timely manner, the training plans were stellar and tailored exactly to my needs, and the diet/nutrition advice to compliment those training plans was on point. If you want someone who is not only extremely knowledgable but also caring in regards to your success then going with Modern Mindful Warriors for your training needs is a no brainer."
  • Evan B.

    Male - 23 years old "Modern Mindful Warriors has a truly one of a kind training and nutrition service. I really love how my training and nutrition programs are specifically tailored and personalized towards my health and fitness goals!"
  • Elizabeth S.

    Female - 40 years old "Garrett and Dylan are great trainers that consistently listen to their clients while incorporating effective strategies/methods into their workouts. Their positive attitudes, knowledge of the body and passion for overall health encourages you to do your best and reach your goals."
  • Jenny Z.

    Female - 36 years old "Garrett and Dylan are amazing trainers and incredibly knowledgeable. They will push your mental and physical limits. There's no doubt they know how to train you to get the most out of your mind, body and soul."
  • Maddie S.

    Female - 17 years old "I've been training with Garrett for a while now and can't even begin to say how much it's done for me. It's one thing to wake up and work out, but it's a completely different type of work out when you're training multiple muscle groups at once, taking preventive maintenance steps to prevent injuries, all while learning about how your body works and grows to its maximum potential- (all in an hour and a half max). I've gained not only height on my vertical but also valuable knowledge on how to be the best athlete I can be. Can only say good things about the training I've received!"
  • Noah J.

    Male - 26 years old "Training with Modern Mindful Warriors reminded me why I fell in love with fitness in the first place. Through lifting and shoulder rehab, they lifted my spirits when they were down. I would want no other trainers."